About Us

A little of what we do....

CowShed Flowers provides scented and seasonal cut flowers for the weekend, every Thursday & Friday during March to October.

Seasonal terrariums, wreaths and a selection of carefully curated gift and homeware, inspired by nature, available all year round.

Seasonal and ever changing.

We use gorgeous country garden flowers grown in the UK, as locally as possible. During the main British flower season the majority of our flowers will have been grown within 5 miles of Clanfield. We are passionate about doing our best to look after nature and focus on flowers that thrive in our summers, giving bees plenty of flowers to feed on and providing habitats for other insects & wildlife. 

I work with talented local flower farmers who grow sustainably and have a large variety, so there is a lovely range of flowers to create with.

Gifts and flowers are wrapped with earth-friendly packaging to reduce land pollution as much as possible.... blooms from the CowShed really are 'feel good' flowers!

Please get in touch if you have any questions.